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So I've Decided to Freelance / Week 1

Why am I doing this again..?

Currently, I’ve made the good or bad decision (still not sure!!) to work as a freelancer in design, illustration, and motion. Just a warning before you continue: I’m not a writer. While I have taken a couple writing classes, it isn’t exactly my strongest skill, so don’t hold me to the standards of a journalist or professional writer, okay? Alright, let’s continue. I’m intending for this blog to be a few things. First of all, I want it to be a bit of a time capsule for myself as I continue in my career. I want to be able to look back in a decade and see how far I’ve come creatively, professionally, and personally. Secondly, I want it to be an aid of some sort to less-experienced designers who may be wondering about freelancing or the design field in general. I’m happy to answer questions, critique your work, or give general advice. Feel free to email me here! Lastly, I hope that this blog will serve as a way for me to think out loud, so to speak. I intend to cover a variety of topics, like these:

  • My past experiences leading up to the decision to freelance

  • Current and past projects, and my processes behind them

  • My freelance strategies

  • How to work effectively with clients

  • Career goals

  • The design industry as a whole

  • Advice for other designers, or people who want to learn about design

  • Observations I made within and outside of the design world

  • Honestly, I’m not sure, I might talk about other stuff, too

A Bit About Me

If you don’t know me, here’s a few random things about me. And please, don’t worry, I’m not going to be using lists this much going forward.

  • I graduated from Kent State with a BFA in Visual Communication Design in May of 2019

  • I’m 22 years old.

  • I’m married to an amazing person. Our 1st anniversary is only 6 weeks away!

  • I grew up in Delaware, Ohio, about 45 minutes north of Columbus.

  • I love driving (mostly because I love my car, a VW GTI).

  • My wife and I are active members at our Church, The Summit, in North Canton, Ohio.

  • I always strive to learn new things, right now, I’m looking into learning HTML and CSS.

  • My favorite album is B&B by Post Malone, but Skin by Flume is a close 2nd.

  • I would eat pizza like 4 nights a week, but my wife won’t let me.

  • I live in Tallmadge, Ohio, which is a great small town to live in.

  • I’m really into the Marvel movies, my favorite is probably Guardians of the Galaxy.

What to expect next week

For the next few weeks I’m going to share about how I reached this point. Why I decided to pursue a career in design, why I’m not working a stable job, and why I’ve decided to do this to myself. I’m also going to discuss whether or not freelancing is a wise choice, and strategies that have and haven’t worked for me, but you may or may not want to actually trust me, that’s up to you! I plan on uploading a blog entry every Thursday morning, because Google says Monday and Thursday mornings are the best days for blog traffic, and I don’t like Mondays all that much. Next week I’m going to be discussing why I chose to pursue design, a decision that goes back to my childhood.

If you’ve made it this far, wow, thanks! Leave a comment below or send me an email if you have anything you’d like to discuss, share, or if I've got a typo!

Thanks for reading.