Joshua Sauder
Joshua Sauder
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Mad As Hell Animation


I'm Mad As Hell, and
I'm Not Gonna Take This Anymore!

The "Mad As Hell" monologue from Network (1976) was a special moment in cinema history. Represented was a scene of fiction that was immensely self-aware. It was if Peter Finch, the actor, was speaking directly to America; because he was. This rant is not only wonderfully acted, but transcends time. Even though the issues today are different than the issues represented here, the passion and conviction of his words will always be valid. 


Bringing Type to Life

For this project, I wanted to express these strong emotions exclusively with type. I meticulously controlled the delivery of each and every word in an attempt to match the tone of the words being spoken. Created in After Effects, my final step was to add sound effects, such as the light bulb buzzing near the start and the revving engine to bring context to his comment about "steel belted radials." All-in-all, this was a fantastically enjoyable project. I hope to be able to do more animation in the future.


Motion Design     Instructor David Roll     2017