I illustrated scenes for a company that keeps us safe.


In partnership with Full Spectrum Marketing

"A wide range of modern safety solutions are now at your fingertips, helping you address the threats and potentially dangerous situations in your community. Take advantage of the latest technology, education and services and ensure you are doing everything to prevent, prepare, respond and recover. The path to safer community starts here."

Working within strict brand guidelines can lead to excellent work. Limited color pallets within the Nav360 brand forced me to use color in interesting ways. I created two options. The first was much more abstract, with a wave-like pattern that was intended to look ambiguous and futuristic. You'll probably notice that I studied Apple's Siri (those waves were really difficult!). The second was significantly more literal. I printed reference images, and created each scene's lines with pen and ink, before scanning and recreating in Adobe Illustrator.


created in adobe illustrator